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»Rotating Whip Finisher
»Rotating Twister
»Dubbing Stand (based on an idea of R. Pfandl)
»Dubbing-Rope-Stand (based on an idea of H. v. Monteton)


All tools are self-production.


Rotating Whip Finisher
One of the remarkable features of this whip finisher is its simple handling. Knots can be very exactly positioned on the hook. Because of its wide opening it is as well possible to carry out the knot far on the shank of the hook. For example like at the Deavaux-fly (behind the hackle) or at the Preska-nymph (at the bow of the hook). Caused by the ergonomic shaped loops and the principle of rotation very durable end knots can be produced at lightning speed. The shaft consists of high-grade spring-steel and the body is chromium-plated. The whip finisher is available for right- and left-hander.


Rotating Twister
This twister can be operated as well very simple. Due to the rotating weight it is possible to produce dubbing-ropes with threads or even with fine copper wire quickly. The shaft consists of high-grade spring-steel and the body is chromium-plated. Illustrated operating instructions are included.


Dubbing Stand (based on an idea of R. Pfandl)
With this tools, which are further developed by me, various feathers and synthetic materials can be mixed and prepared for their use in the loop. The wide design of the dubbing stand enables it to take in as well a greater amount of material for example for fish-streamer. With help of the transparent (!) material-clamp the material can be taken out from the tool in portions. The tying will be also child's play if you follow the illustrated instructions.


Dubbing-Rope-Stand (based on an idea of H. v. Monteton)
Various dubbing-ropes with threads can be produced with this tool without a twist, so that can be cut of in portions. In addition I describe in my illustrated operating instructions as well a method, how to produce weigh down dubbing-ropes with copper-wire. For every tier, who wants to prefabricate his dubbing robes individual, this stand is an indispensable tool.



This newly developed CDC tool set can be used for the production of functional and elegant artificial flies with CDC's.

The set contains 7 parts and the illustrated operating instructions.

Description from "Der Fliegenfischer" , issue 121

For experts in handling the vice the working with soft CDC feathers is not worth to mention. It could be that they smile lenient about all kinds of aid. However, it is something totally different for beginners and people who produce only occasionally their CDC flies themselves.

Especially the production of even hackle collar made of fragile, cut from the quill CDC's has a will of his own. A great number of people uses therefore the instructions of Robert Pfandl (issues 67 to 70) and Gerhard Laible (issues 77 to 81 and further) to produce their artificial flies. "Pfandeln" and the "GL-method", i.e. to work on CDC's by the loop method supported by clamps for the material, dubbing twister etc. is common knowledge for everybody who ties himself.

I can offer "CDC-fans" additional and cute support for the production of functional and elegant artificial flies made of this great natural material by the use of my newly developed CDC tool set. It contains seven tools and therefore it could be expected that the tying needs a lot of time. However, if people have got the precise and detailed illustrated instructions into their head they can use it with the greatest of ease.

After inserting in a small with magnetic foil coated guide block and lifting up by a slim metal clamp, the quills of the selected CDC-feathers can be cut out quickly. Two additional clamps and a magnetic holder make it easier to take the fibers into the bigger, transparent (!) material-clamp. With help of the latter they are transported into the dubbing loop and processed as usual.

Should the fragile fibers be processed to wings, they are inserted in the as well delivered loop tool and are pushed together to a bunch. Afterwards they can be taken off and bound easily. Impression and fullness of the hackle collar, body hackle or bunch wings can be varied by the use of several CDC's , perhaps with different colors. That is advantageous.

The tools can additional be used for the processing of other soft hackles (hen, partridge, pheasant etc.). It can be examined, tried and tested and bought in my shop. It is as well available by mail order.



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