Fly Tying Special


CDC -Hackle Collar

Try in different sizes and colors !

Material And Tools :
Hook, Partridge L3A #12 * Thread black * Hackle * CDC feather brown * Standard tools * Twister * CDC-Tool-Set
Tying Instruction :
Tie the thread on shank to the hook bend * tie in 5-6 hackle fibers for tail * tie in CDC-feather with the quill position to the tail and pull the feather through the thread* tie the thread 2/3 to the shank * twist CDC with the hackle pliers, tie to 2/3 of the shank and untie it * make a loop * use the CDC-tool-set to get the CDC-fibers * bring the CDC-fibers with the clamp in the loop and twist the loop with the twister * use half-hitch-tool to form the hackle collar * close the fly * cut the fibers to the optimal length.



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